View your mortgage details, make payments, set up account alerts, and learn your latest credit score at your convenience

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Your mortgage loan is probably one of your largest financial transactions, and it’s important to have easy and convenient access to your account. Here are some ways to manage your mortgage whenever you need to and wherever you are:

Manage your mortgage easily with Wells Fargo Online®

Once you sign on to Wells Fargo Online®, you can access your mortgage — as well as your other Wells Fargo accounts — from your desktop or mobile device. Here are some advantages of managing your mortgage online:

  • View your mortgage details in one place — including your balance, last payment made, payment schedule, interest rate, and escrow information.
  • Make payments easily — by transferring funds from your Wells Fargo or other U.S.-based checking or savings account. You can also set up automatic payments so you don’t have to remember to make them each month. Plus, it’s easy to make additional payments to principal or escrow.
  • Set up Mortgage alerts1 — to get email or push notifications when payments are due and when they post. It’s easy to set up, and you can change your alerts at any time.
  • Access up to 12 months of mortgage statements — opt to receive your statement online and you’ll have easy view and download to your records without having so much paper to manage and file.
  • Download tax information for faster filing — year-end tax documents are available by January 31, often before they arrive in the mail.

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Your mortgage is a big financial commitment. With convenient, anytime access to your mortgage, you can manage your account wherever you are and whenever you need to. And, if you ever have any questions about your mortgage, we’re here to help in any way we can.

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