Managing your money

You have more going on in your financial life than just your mortgage. These stories provide information on saving for a college education, budgeting, using credit, and other daily money matters.

Get to know your homeowners insurance policy

Learn what types of insurance are available, what’s covered, and how to lower your premium Homeowners’ insurance is designed to protect you against financial loss. Your policy covers both the physical structure of your home and your possessions. It also provides liability coverage for property damage or personal injury caused […]

Do you know the value of your home?

You likely remember what you paid for your home. But do you know what your home’s value is today? Even if you’re not planning to sell your home or buy a new one, it’s still a good idea to know what your home is worth — because it’s probably one of the biggest investments you’ve made.

5 ways to avoid stress spending

It’s a fairly common practice to buy something to boost your mood. Maybe you’ve made an impulsive online purchase at your favorite clothing store or decided to upgrade your television with the easy “1-click” purchase option on Amazon. Unfortunately, when people let their emotions control their spending habits, it may lead to shame, guilt, and, eventually, financial woes. While a few emotional shopping sprees aren’t likely to cause harm, it’s best to avoid this practice.

10 tips for safe online shopping

Shopping online has become a way of life. You can buy almost anything online and have it delivered the next day — which is incredibly convenient for giving last-minute gifts or preparing for special events.

5 steps to retirement income

People are living longer and it’s not unusual to live 30 years or more in retirement. How you support your lifestyle in and throughout retirement begins with developing an income strategy based on your needs.

6 popular home renovations worth considering

You’re ready to make the renovations you’ve planned for your home. It’s exciting to think about how much you’ll enjoy these changes once they’re done. But before you get started, you also want to make sure the money you spend on upgrades may improve your home’s value.

Five financial tips for after you’re preapproved

Your paperwork is in, your bank has checked your finances, and you’re preapproved for a mortgage. Congratulations! As you get the final details of your home purchase in order, you’ll want to make sure your finances remain stable. Your mortgage lender will check your credit report and other financial factors again before officially approving your loan, and if they spot any big changes in your financial profile, they may increase your interest rate or change the terms of your loan application.

How to create a budget in 5 easy steps

Most people know they need a household budget. But actually creating one — and then sticking with it — can be difficult. It’s easy to let an unexpected expense or the desire to go on a trip make a hole in your budget if you’re not prepared. There are, however, a few basic elements to budgeting that can help you stay the course while still enjoying your life.